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We owe our success to the fact that we continuously evaluate and improve our processes. We must ensure that we exceed our customer’s requirements in all phases of our operations, at the same time rewarding our employees with a fulfilling work environment.

Small Parts Manufacturing makes use of SPC data collection stations networked for part data collection with several of nodes located throughout our facility. Our efficiency is constantly monitored and our processes constantly tweaked to do our job the best that it is possible.

ISO 9001 Registered

The purpose of the ISO 9001 series is to have consistent customer satisfaction through the timely supply of products or services that conform to the requirements and expectations of your customers.

The intent of our quality management system is to prevent problems. By preventing problems, we reduce and eliminate the production of nonconforming product that does not meet those expectations (or “conform” to specifications).

Every employee is responsible for maintaining this level of standards.

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